The Poop Store

As dog owners we all know the pure delight of puppy kisses. Does your backyard look like someone dumped ten bags of Tootsie Rolls in the snow? Still open to puppy kisses?

Dogs are much like children as we all know. They are always hungry, they will snack (some more than others). By snack I mean coprophagy (eating of poop). Disgusting? Yep. Harmful? Very Possible. Preventable?


Collecting of poop in the winter months may be difficult. The lawn becomes a virtual pan of dog poop lasagna, layer after layer of snow, poop, snow, and more poops, yet cleaning up after each deposit may not be possible for all of us. I know my lab is a bit gun shy, he refuses to go if anyone is outside at the house, dog park well that is a different story!

When we see periods of warmer weather it is important to clean up as much as possible. A scooper may not be strong enough to dislodge the frozen tootsies from the snow or ice. We  use a metal garden rake, with a sweeping pan to rake the collections into. We also had success using a leaf blower to blow the lighter fluffy snow off an area and then used the same rake to collect.

If your dog decides the patio or concrete is a great place to unload a flat blade ice scrapper, or shingle blade will do the trick. Just be sure to keep the blade as parallel to the surface as possible, you would hate to take chunks of wood up with the poop.

I have also seen that if an area of the lawn is shoveled, or kept fairly clean of snow a dog will use that area to poop. Again if the area becomes a virtual minefield, they will start to stray away from that area and search for a cleaner location.

Not all dogs will snack on their own poop, but may eat others, or a mother with puppies will eat her litters poop. If you notice your dog’s muzzle covered in snow, with that poop eating grin, you may not be so lucky. Some professionals will say it is diet related, others will say it comes from stress or anxiety. Whatever the situation may be it is preventable.


Wisconsin Poop Cleanup is here to help with your Turd Herding needs. If you fear of falling, find yourself busy, have lifting restrictions, or simply prefer not poop prospecting during the winter months we are here to help. Don’t fear puppy kisses! Poop Clean-Up is essential. Happy Hunting!

If you have any questions about poop, poop clean-up, or lawn related poop issues feel free to write. We welcome your questions.


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