Are Neighbors Leaving Their Gifts Behind?

Are you cleaning up after your dogs poop and your neighbors’ dogs poop?

Having failed over the centuries to get dogs to use little toilets we have had, as a society, to face the fact that dogs go outside, frequently on lawns. Whether someone hires a pooper scooper service like Wisconsin Poop Cleanup or jumps and does it themselves, we can all agree that dog waste removal has to be done, for the sake of dog, lawn and country.

A responsible person can accept this responsibility of cleaning up after their dog, the lovable and likely only furry member of their family. But, what if you have poop on your lawn and you don’t have a dog, or you can tell that the poop on the lawn is not YOUR dog’s (there are ways to tell, anything seen twice a day gets a familiar look).

What if you find yourself in the position of cleaning up after someone else’s dog? This is not fair! It’s gross, it comes as an unwelcome surprise and it’s more than you signed up for when adopting just YOUR dog, or indeed no dog at all.

But how do you prevent it? A responsible dog owner carries poop bags, or a scooper on walks, so they can clean up on the spot, which we think is ok. If a dog has to go a dog has to go. A lawn is outside, is not going to pristine despite your best efforts (for instance, try and stop the birds from pooping on your lawn) and better for everyone that if the dog uses the street. But what do you do to dissuade people from letting their dog use your lawn as a public rest stop.

You acknowledge that it happens! You put up a sign (available online and at many hardware stores) that says “please clean up after your dog”. This would seem obvious and like something you shouldn’t have to tell people. But human psychology is that people sometimes don’t stop and think unless reminded or will feel guiltier or more responsible if you’ve just politely asked them something. After all, you’re not telling them their dog can’t go there if his little knees are shaking or he’s turning little circles and he really has to, you’re just asking that they please clean up. One of our neighbors bought an extra mail box, stuffed it with poop bags and posted a sign reading “PLEASE USE ONE!”

If you want to hit the message really hard, while still looking agreeable, accept the sad fact that sometimes people aren’t carrying a poop bag. Either their dog went over quota, they didn’t carry enough bags and have run out or they were in a hurry figured they could take their dog for a _hit and run and then get in the car and rush off where they need to go.

The way you address this again is with politeness and consideration. You tack up next to your “Please clean up after your dog sign a bag of disposable bags, if you want to get really fancy you can even buy a little standing dispenser. Then people have no excuse, and every dog walker knows you have to carry the bag home with you or till you see the next trash receptacle. They will bag the poop and take it away. And if they’re really tacky and claim to have forgot (in a split second), they will likely still bag it and it won’t be as horrifying for you to clean up.

If that doesn’t work, you can have screaming sirens and a security camera, but we recommend against that. It will create hostile feelings in your neighbors and will be very expensive,

We, at Wisconsin Pet Care and Dog Poop Cleanup, serving the areas of Milwaukee including South Milwaukee and the North Shore, Oak Creek, Racine, Kenosha and Cudahy, are here to affordably help you with your dog needs, whether that be advice, care or cleanup.

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