Feces tells it all. Also known as What’s the Poop?

One of services we offer our poop scooping clients is not only giving them a clean, tidy yard for their pets to romp and play in, but eliminating the possibility of feces being tracked into the home. We also can alert a pet parent on a pets health.

The last three weeks, one of our regular clients dogs has had the runs, the squirts-whatever you care to call it. This dog, because the owner has been away, sadly has been unable to tell Dad or Mom that he’s under the weather. As it turns out, the parents were on vacation, and the stress of them being away wrecked havoc on his tender tummy, thus producing soft stools.

Lucky for the client that he has a poop scooper with enough smarts to report it. Often times we see socks, paper towels, and other non carnivore debris in the stools. These are all telling signs that an animal is bored, or getting into mischief. All of these items could cause blockages if consumed in enough volume to block the anus from elimination.

Even if you hire a professional, take a walk outside and see what your dogs beforeare up to-it could help safe their life!

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